In addition to gaining the consents necessary to consent and operate development proposals, I have has used my experience to support the delivery of projects through range of other services.  These include: transaction services/due diligence; market analysis; management systems;  and other ad hoc advice to clients.


Transaction Services/Due Diligence, Confidential Clients

I have worked for a number of confidential commercial clients researching potential acquisitions within the minerals and waste markets.  My involvement includes considering the potential development opportunities and constraints of sites and advising on legal and financial obligations linked with assets owned/or leased by the target. I have worked for both vendor and purchaser.


Site Selection Analysis, Confidential Manufacturing Client

Having recognised an opportunity to grow the business, a manufacturing client had identified three sites close to the existing factory.  Whilst undertaking its own operational and commercial optioneering, Client wanted to understand the planning and permitting constraints and benefits of each.  I reviewed planning and property matters relevant to site selection and my advice contributed to the Client’s decision making in terms of which site to pursue for additional manufacturing plant.


EHS Management System, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy,

Hitachi GE Nuclear Energy has acquired ownership of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station in Anglesea, Wales.

In 2013, ERM provided training to HGNE on the UK planning and permitting processes and Management System requirements.  The project subsequently evolved to preparation of an integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management System for construction of the Wylffa Newydd nuclear power plant in Wales.  I led the team preparing the Management System and advising Hitachi on developing its UK organisation.


Site Redevelopment, GMI Holdings Ltd

GMI Holdings was seeking planning permission for redevelopment of an operational waste site for supermarket development.  Local policy required a like-for-like replacement, unless an alternative solution could be justified.

I prepared the report included in the planning submission, collating the evidence base and preparing the case to address local policy.  My analysis demonstrated that the site in question was not necessary to deliver the local waste management strategy and the consequently could appropriately be released for non-waste development.  I also assisted the client in identifying new sites to enable the facility’s relocation.


Residential development in Syresham, Northamptonshire, Confidential Client

A significant residential development was proposed on the eastern edge of Syresham, substantially increasing the size of the village using land not allocated in the Local Plan.

I reviewed the application and advised Client on the most appropriate matters to raise, referencing national and local policy expectations and sustainability objectives.