I have worked with over 25 local authorities, regional bodies and key government departments preparing policy and strategy documents.  My work includes comprehensive plan preparation (directing and/or completing all key tasks through to adoption) as well as providing discrete services as and when required, such as stand-alone need assessments, SEA/SA and ad hoc advice.


Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal, Various Clients

I have prepared numerous minerals and waste policy and strategy documents, all of which have required either Strategic Environmental Assessment or Sustainability Appraisal, or both.  I am, consequently, familiar with the legislative requirements and policy expectations of each, and practiced in undertaking such assessments and defending them at Examination.


Drafting of National Policy Statement EN-3, Department of Energy and Climate Change

I led a small team of colleagues commissioned to author sections of the draft NPS relevant to energy recovery from biomass and waste.  This project built upon existing policy and my own understanding of  it, supplemented by a limited amount of original research.  Much of the text has survived in the published NPS.


Joint Waste Core Strategy, West of England Partnership

On behalf of the four unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council the West of England Partnership led preparation of the West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy.   A fundamental matter for the policy document was the spatial strategy that should be applied across the plan area; incorporating and addressing the differences across the four authorities.

Initially I simply advised on process and method for the evidence base, including site assessment and differentiating between discrete site and development areas.  I subsequently led a small team, and was directly involved in key tasks, to develop a robust spatial strategy that successfully underpinned policy of the Core Strategy.  I also directed the drafting of policy and had responsibility for reviewing the Core Strategy as a whole, ensuring the evidence base had been used appropriately to develop sound, and practicable, policy.  Working directly with the Partnership’s Project Manager, I appeared as lead witness for the Partnership, defending the Core Strategy at Independent Examination in November 2010.  In January 2011 the Core Strategy was found sound and adopted across all authorities.


Review of Manual for Sustainable Cities, CABE

CABE produced a manual designed to provide a central on-line resource setting out urban design and management guidance relating to climate change and adaptation.  I reviewed the waste management section as it was drafted and provided responses to CABE to further refine the guidance.

Review of Waste Management Design Guide, Defra

As part of the Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme, Defra commissioned preparation of a design guide for waste management facilities.  The guide focusses on more than just aesthetic design, also providing advice on sustainable infrastructure and incorporation of local distinctiveness.  I was a member of the Review Panel, commenting on its text, advice and format.


PPS 10 Companion Guide, ODPM

I was project manager and a lead author of the Companion Guide to PPS 10.  The document provided advice to both local authorities and the waste industry on how to implement the national policy expectations set out in PPS 10.  Whilst this Companion Guide has now been superseded, it demonstrates my familiarity with policy and policy preparation at the national as well as local level.


 Waste Planning Guidance Document, Defra

The Waste Infrastructure Development Programme was established by Defra to enable waste management infrastructure to be provided.  The planning system was identified as a particular area that was constraining such development and a guidance document was sought to inform those promoting the development of waste management infrastructure on their engagement with the planning system.  I led this project and drafting of the resultant guidance.


 Surrey Waste Plan, Surrey County Council

Surry County Council sought a comprehensive waste plan setting out: the core strategy; site allocations; and development control policy.

My involvement started with review of the (at the time) forthcoming Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requirements, and I continued to work on all aspects of the Surrey Waste Plan through to supporting the Council at Judicial Review. This was the first complete waste policy framework to be prepared and submitted, and I still believe that no other consultant has had such a comprehensive involvement in policy preparation to date.

Tasks included: preparing the evidence base, including site options; directing the SEA/SA and the Habitats Regulation Assessment; drafting policy; responding to consultation responses; and defending the Plan at Examination, including Formal Hearings.


Joint Waste Development Plan Document, Greater Manchester Geological Unit

The ten district authorities of Greater Manchester chose to prepare a joint waste development plan document (JWDPD).

Recognising the significant additional challenge posed by preparing planning policy across so many discrete authorities, my initial task was simply to prepare a project plan and strategy for preparation of the JWDPD.  This considered the required technical work, the phasing of work and resource requirements.  The documents were produced to give the GMGU a working template for preparation of the JWDPD and to reduce the risks attributed to its delivery.

I consequently delivered four further commissions:

  • producing a Consultation Strategy, to ensure that active community engagement met the requirements of all districts’ SCI;
  • preparing a Need Assessment as part of the evidence base;
  • assisting the GMGU in training the Joint Committee especially convened for the JWDPD; and
  • acting as critical friend and an advice source throughout preparation of the JWDPD.