Kirsten is the most able and articulate of planners, extremely comfortable on a wide range of application types, environmental impact disciplines and in policy and development control. She delivers exceptionally high quality work across the entirety of this space. In the decade and more that I have had the pleasure of working with her, she has proved her strength and adaptability over and over again, from routine matters to complex assignments requiring significant innovation and strong leadership. Amongst her many achievements are the first set of waste development control documents (the Surrey waste plan), the Companion Guide to PPS10 and the first application submitted for a Development Consent Order (the Rookery). Kirsten develops strong and lasting relationships with her clients, truly becoming their trusted advisor. A valued colleague, I look forward to working closely with her for many years to come.

Simon Aumônier, Principal Partner and Director of Innovation, ERM


It is has been a great pleasure working with Kirsten on the Hinkley C Connection Project for National Grid. Her work has informed the team’s decisions for a considerable period of time, and it has been invaluable.

As we prepared for the Examination more of Kirsten’s strengths began to show through. Her work has always been first class, and the attention to detail has been consistent and noticeable throughout. Her skills with client officers and other witnesses are excellent, and at a time when tempers can begin to fray Kirsten is a voice of calm in the run up to an Examination. She is also an accomplished witness, presenting a measured, authoritative and inspiring confidence to a Panel. She is resilient under pressure and makes the difficult job of being a witness look a great deal easier than it is. She has rightly won the confidence of some of the country’s top planning barristers.

She is the professional’s professional with a firm grasp of her subject, and an excellent team player to cap it all. As one who is required to ensure the best support is available for a team when both delivery and reputation are important, booking Kirsten is an easy recommendation to make.

Simon Best, Legal Services, National Grid