I have worked extensively for both public (including government departments ODPM, DECC, DBERR and Defra) and private sector clients operating in the waste industry.  My experience includes planning consents gained under the Town and Country Planning Act, s.36 of the Electricity Act, and as Development Consent Orders and incorporates appearance at public inquiries, issue specific hearings, Examination and Parliamentary Committee.  I have also overseen the preparation and submission of Environmental Permit applications.


EnviRecover Facility, Worcestershire County Council

I have worked with Worcestershire County Council for over 10 years, providing support across a range of minerals and waste projects.

My commission, to act as case officer, assisting the Authority in its consideration of this energy from waste facility, proposed at the Hartlebury Trading Estate in Worcestershire,  commenced with pre-application discussions and preparation of the Scoping Opinion.

On submission, I reviewed and validated the application and advised on the consultation list.  My role meant that i was fully conversant with all consultees and the applicant in making my recommendation on the decision.  My work meant that this full application was taken to Committee within nine months of submission, where it was unanimously resolved to approve the proposal.  Following Secretary of State call-in (the site is in the Green Belt) I stood as the sole expert witness on behalf of the Authority.  The decision to approve was upheld.

Construction of the EnviRecover Facility is complete and the plant is operating well, with good levels of efficiency and emissions outputs.


Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility, Covanta Energy Ltd

Covanta submitted a DCO application for the development of an energy from waste plant with post-combustion materials recovery facility in Bedfordshire.

I led the team preparing the suite of documents necessary to present the planning  merits of the proposal.  This included: Planning Statement; Need Assessment; WRATE, Carbon and Efficiencies of Scale Report; Alternative Site Assessment; and Sustainability Assessment.  I was a member of the core project team, working with Client’s Head of Planning and legal advisers in developing the Statement of Reasons and the case for compulsory acquisition of land.  This role also required me to review documents prepared by other members of the project team, ensuring consistency in the messages being made and that key benefits were realised as contributing to the planning merits of the application.

In addition, I oversaw the contributions made to the Environmental Statement, Consultation Report, Engineering Design Statement, CHP Feasibility Report and Rail Feasibility Study and preparation of the Health Impact Assessment and Human Health Risk Assessment.

Throughout the commission, I was engaged in discussions with the IPC and relevant statutory and non-statutory parties, particularly leading discussion with the local authorities.  I attended all of the public exhibitions held for the Project and presented to the Community Liaison Panel established as part of the pre-submission consultation.

I attended many of the issue specific hearings addressing matters of planning policy, site selection, sustainability and waste management and carbon benefits.  I also supported Covanta through the Special Parliamentary Proceedings, including at the Joint Committee Hearings.   The DCO was granted in March 2013.


Review of waste management practice in Republic of Ireland, Confidential Client

I led a  due diligence project, considering waste management practice in the Republic of Ireland.  This project included working closely with colleagues selected from ERM’s offices in mainland Europe and directing their work to provide robust advise to Client.  The commission comprised a review of relevant legislation and an understanding the transfrontiershipment of waste out of Ireland to mainland Europe.


Representations on emerging waste plan, Covanta Energy Ltd

I undertook review of emerging waste policy being prepared jointly by Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council.  I submitted representations and appeared at the Examination Hearings on behalf of Covanta Energy Ltd.


Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant Public Inquiry, E.On Energy from Waste and Tata Chemicals Europe Ltd

I appeared as expert witness for this joint venture between E.On Energy from Waste and Tata Chemicals Europe Ltd. My proof addressed matters of waste and energy policy, carbon benefit and delivery of the revised Waste Framework Directive, and I separately advised on content of the planning proof. The appeal was upheld.


Bid Submission Support, E.On Energy from Waste Consortium

I led the ERM team that provided technical advice (in relation to environmental, property and planning matters) to the Consortium in its bid to the West London Waste Authority.  The Consortium was selected to go through to Final Tender.

I also led a small team working closely with the Consortium in preparing its ISDS bid to Chester West and Chester Council.  The scope of works included preparing all method statements, completing WRATE and Carbon assessments, and preparing the executive summary of the submission.


Review of Application submitted for the Peterborough Renewable Energy Plant, Peterborough City Council, 2005–2006 and 2007-2008

An entrepreneurial company, PREL, submitted two applications made under s.36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to Peterborough City Council.  The first was made in 2005, and followed by a revised scheme submitted in 2007.

I led the team supporting the Council in its consideration of these applications, focussing on planning matters, principally the issue of need and the contribution made to sustainable waste management, but also directing the review of the submitted Environmental Statement.  This role was repeated when the application was resubmitted, but required fresh planning analysis to address the changes that had been made to waste policy in the intervening period.


Waste Policy Preparation, Surrey County Council and the West of England Councils

I have prepared many waste policy and evidence base documents.  Recognising the comprehensive level of support provided, my principal projects have been those completed for Surrey County Council and the West of England Partnership.

The Surrey Waste Plan incorporated; core strategy; site allocations document; and development management policy.  It was the first comprehensive waste policy framework prepared and submitted.  I held a leading role throughout the commission, from initial evidence gathering through Examination, and supporting the Council at the subsequent Judicial Review.

The West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy also incorporated site allocations and identified areas for waste development.  Again, I was involved from an early stage, reviewing and updating the phase 1 works that had been completed and preparing a package of evidence and policy that was found sound.  This project had the additional challenge of needing approval from four local authorities.


Due Diligence Projects, Confidential Client

I have worked for a number of confidential commercial clients researching potential acquisitions within waste markets.  My involvement includes considering the potential development opportunities and constraints of sites and advising on legal and financial obligations linked with assets owned/or leased by the target.  I have worked on both seller and buyer side.