Working principally for local authorities, providing additional case officer resource, I have considered a number of minerals planning applications, ROMP applications and enforcement matters.  I have also used this knowledge and experience to support the private sector, in providing transaction services to vendors and purchasers with an interest in minerals assets.


Minerals and Waste Planning Support, Bradford Council

I provided specialist minerals and waste planning support to the Authority for several years, considering planning applications through to recommendation and drafting the decision notice.  This work included negotiation with developers, liaison with local communities and consultees and consideration of the development plan.  Draft decision notices included recommended conditions, reasons for approval and legal agreements or reasons for refusal, as appropriate.

My commission included working with the Enforcement Investigating Officer, undertaking enforcement action when expedient to do so.  A principle case involved an appeal against an Enforcement Notice served on Bolton Woods Quarry.  I appeared as expert witness at the public inquiry; on the last day of which, the appellant withdrew his appeal.


Minerals and Waste Planning Support, Worcestershire County Council

I have worked with Worcestershire County Council for over 10 years, providing support across a range of minerals and waste projects.  Acting as case officer, I consider planning applications through to decision making, including presenting at Committee and drafting the decision notice.

I have also acted as expert witness on behalf of the Authority in relation to minerals related development.


Transaction Services, Confidential Client

Working on the seller side, I have provided advice on the information to be provided in relation to planning and permitting of mineral sites.  This involved review of the data initially made available and developing questions for site managers to gain additional useful information.  I also briefed those making the site visits on what to look out for/enquire about, and on health and safety matters at operational sites.  My support has included considering potential cost liabilities associated with a target, and seeking to identify potential upsides.